Day256: Baby Lennon arrives

Today at 7:55 a.m. one of my daughter's best friends had her second child, a beautiful baby boy named Lennon. He weighed in at 10 lbs. 2 oz. and was delivered by a scheduled c-section. He wasn't due for another week! Mom, baby, dad, and big brother are all doing fine. I took a lot of photos to help document Lennon's birthday. Here's one of my favorites.

Day253: Grandparent's Day lunch

I had the pleasure of having lunch for Grandparent's day with two of my granddaughters. I had lunch with the youngest - she's in kindergarten, then had ice cream with my third grader. It was nice to see that salads are offered now. The other offerings didn't appear to have changed a lot since "way back" when I was in school. One thing that was different - strawberry flavored milk is offered as well as regular and chocolate! :)

Day250: My new grandpuppy!

My granddaughters have been wanting a dog for quite a while. The oldest finally talked mom into going to the shelter "just to look" know what that means.... Here's my new grandpuppy Jasper! He's part German shepherd and possibly part Husky with those blue eyes. He seems to be smart and has survived a week with four little girls and a cat. He's got a great personality and is already trying to "protect" the girls. I think he's going to be  good dog!