Rimma - painted pet portrait

My latest painted portrait is of Rimma. She's a beautiful chocolate lab that loves to be with her humans, especially when they are outside. They have watched her grow from a four pound puppy to a 64 pound  bundle of love. She's almost the same color as her favorite sofa, so it's easy for her to nap inconspicuously. I think she may be a bit spoiled, but after all, she is just a furry four legged baby! 


Curious Cows

On a recent trip to my Mom and Dad's, I decided to take some photos of the many beautiful flowers my Mom has in the yard. While I was taking the photos I looked up to find I had an audience. These cows all seemed quite curious about what I was doing. They are Amish cows, owned by my parent's Amish neighbors, so I guess they had never seen a camera before. ;)  They stood staring at me until I got a little closer than they felt comfortable, then they started backing up, all the while still staring.

Alisa Whitley photography

Day250: My new grandpuppy!

My granddaughters have been wanting a dog for quite a while. The oldest finally talked mom into going to the shelter "just to look"....you know what that means.... Here's my new grandpuppy Jasper! He's part German shepherd and possibly part Husky with those blue eyes. He seems to be smart and has survived a week with four little girls and a cat. He's got a great personality and is already trying to "protect" the girls. I think he's going to be  good dog!


Day234: Red eyes....

My dog was having a fit at the sliding glass door this morning. When I looked out I saw this little guy. He was sitting on the edge of the patio and looked like he was staring at my dog. He tried to retreat into his shell when I opened the door. I got a few shots before he turned and quickly started across the back yard. He looked a lot like the turtle from Day170, but had red eyes instead of brown. He was moving faster than any turtle I've ever seen. Maybe he was afraid I was going to let the dog out again.

Day227: Creepy crawlies eating leaves

I don't know what kind of catepillars these are or if they turn into any type of pretty butterfly, but they can sure do damage to the trees. This is a neighbor's tree by the road. I noticed the webs while I was out walking. I had never looked quite as closely as I did at these, so I had never noticed that the catepillars seem to be eating the chlorophyll/green part of the leaves from the inside and leaving the membrane of the leaves intact. Not sure if you can tell what I'm talking about from the photo, but it is a bit amazing and creepy at the same time.

Day166: Sugar Lump's 6 month portraits

Ok, I'll admit I didn't take these today. It's been a long, long day and I'm really tired......not a good excuse, but that's my story! Since I didn't have a new shot (that I liked) to post today, I thought I"d treat you to some remarkable cuteness. Sugar Lump is now six months old. I did a portrait session of her when she was three months old, and she has grown a lot for such a little puppy! Here is a sample of her six month portrait session that I recently shot.  [gallery link="file" columns="2"]