Day84: Theme Thursday - Home - My Mother's hands

Theme Thursday for this week is "Home." I took a little different twist on the theme. Today's photo is of my mother's hands. These are the hands that made our house a home growing up. These are the hands that taught me how to cook, sew, iron, take care of a baby, crochet, wash dishes, sweep and mop the floor, make a bed, plant flowers, write, paint, and all the other things I needed to know to make a home of my own. These are the hands attached to the arms that are always open wide for a hug whenever I need one. These are the hands of one of the strongest women I know. The woman that taught me how to be strong and always told me I could do anything I set my mind to and be anything I want to be. She still tells me this whenever I need encouragement. My mom is the one that taught me how to be a mom, a friend, and how to love, all by loving me. My hands look a lot like hers, so one day this could be my hands. I just hope I am able to give to my daughter and granddaughters everything my Mom has given to me. For all of this I will be eternally grateful. I love you Mom! 


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Day66: 4 Way Lunch

Here is another diner that has been in Cartersville since my dad was a boy, 4 Way Lunch. It is at a busy intersection of a four way stop. It was difficult to get a shot because of all the traffic. I had to focus between cars passing and then wait for a space between cars big enough to snap the photo. I got several with the backs and fronts of cars before I got a space big enough to get just the diner. If you think the photo looks a little bit crooked, look again. Compare the yellow line in the road to the bottom of the photo - pretty strait. The diner really looks like it is not level.

 4 Way Lunch

Day34: Start the morning

Can you tell what this is without reading any further? I like macro shots. Macros let us see things in more detail than usual. Sometimes a real close up doesn't look anything like you thought it might. This is a macro shot of something many of us start our day it could be any of a number of things just looking at the photo - rocks, dirt, fine would chips - but I'm glad it was coffee!