Winston and Bentley (Knoxville Pet artist/photographer)

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Winston and Bentley. They are the fur children of Janet Eichholz and Andrew Myers. I have photographed both boys when they were first adopted by Janet and Andrew. Now they are big boys and it was time for some big boy images!

Winston and Bentley are two of the friendliest pups I've ever photographed. They love playing together and wrestling, just like most brothers. They also love for dad to throw the ball for them to chase and will watch intently while Andrew retrieves the ball if it goes over the fence.

Janet and Andrew also honored me with the opportunity to create a digital painting of Winston and Bentley to hang in their living room. I love creating digital paintings for my clients. I feel it gives them a unique piece of art that can become an heirloom.

Here are a few of my favorites from Winston and Bentley's session.

Rimma - painted pet portrait

My latest painted portrait is of Rimma. She's a beautiful chocolate lab that loves to be with her humans, especially when they are outside. They have watched her grow from a four pound puppy to a 64 pound  bundle of love. She's almost the same color as her favorite sofa, so it's easy for her to nap inconspicuously. I think she may be a bit spoiled, but after all, she is just a furry four legged baby! 


Winston has a new baby brother!

I had the privilege of photographing Winston last year when he was first brought home by his humans, Andrew and Janet. Winston is a great big, loveable, kiss giving Goldendoodle.  He's always glad to see you and loves to play ball.

This year, Winston's mom and dad got him a baby brother! Meet Bentley! Bentley is a little bigger than Winston was at the same age and just as full of energy. Winston is a great big brother. He's already showing Bentley all the important things about living with humans, like how to get them to throw the ball for you. The two are quickly becoming best friends, just like brothers should be.

Enjoy these photos from their "Welcome home Bentley" session!

Winston and his new baby brother Bentley

Art for Your Heart ™

Art for Your Heart ™....what is that you ask? Art for Your Heart ™ encompasses my photography, painting, and other projects that make your heart happy. I am still doing traditional photography of people and pets, plus I'm also offering digital drawings and painted portraits, fine art, and even coloring books!

Capturing your story and creating Art for Your Heart™ that will take you back to a special moment in time is my goal. Art for Your Heart™ could be a family portrait, painting of your pet, a fine art piece for your home, or a coloring page that takes you back to your youth. Memories and smiles will be the results!

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 Painted portrait. Photograph by Pete Rezac, Reno, NV, painted by Alisa Whitley.

Painted portrait. Photograph by Pete Rezac, Reno, NV, painted by Alisa Whitley.

 Skipper says "Hi!" in this traditional portrait by Alisa Whitley

Skipper says "Hi!" in this traditional portrait by Alisa Whitley

 "FIre and Ice" Fine Art print by Alisa Whitley

"FIre and Ice" Fine Art print by Alisa Whitley

Day250: My new grandpuppy!

My granddaughters have been wanting a dog for quite a while. The oldest finally talked mom into going to the shelter "just to look" know what that means.... Here's my new grandpuppy Jasper! He's part German shepherd and possibly part Husky with those blue eyes. He seems to be smart and has survived a week with four little girls and a cat. He's got a great personality and is already trying to "protect" the girls. I think he's going to be  good dog!


Day166: Sugar Lump's 6 month portraits

Ok, I'll admit I didn't take these today. It's been a long, long day and I'm really tired......not a good excuse, but that's my story! Since I didn't have a new shot (that I liked) to post today, I thought I"d treat you to some remarkable cuteness. Sugar Lump is now six months old. I did a portrait session of her when she was three months old, and she has grown a lot for such a little puppy! Here is a sample of her six month portrait session that I recently shot.  [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

More adorable adoptable animals from New Leash on Life shelter

Here are a few more photos of some of the animal available for adoption at New Leash on Life in Lebanon, TN. If you're in the area and considering getting a pet, please help theses furry babies out by taking one of them home! The first one is Leah, a Catahoula Leopard Dog. How can you not love those eyes! Second is Goose the cat. She wanted to get really close to the camera! The last photo is of two litter mates that are retriever/labrador mix. The one in the middle is Jetta. I don't remember her sister's name. :(  The other dog in the pen with them is Scrappy. He's a terrier mix. They all need a good home!

Day108: New Leash on Life

Today I volunteered some of my time to photograph some of the dogs and cats at the New Leash on Life animal shelter in Lebanon, TN. It is a no kill shelter that tries to help dogs and cats find new homes. This is where I got my dog, Skipper, eight years ago. It has only recently become a no kill shelter. If anyone the Lebanon, TN area reads this and is looking for a pet, please consider one of the dogs or cats at New Leash on Life. I found them all to be furry babies looking for a permanent home and someone to love. I'll post some more of their photos later this week.



Day104: Sparky

Sparky is a miniature dachshund. He was my best friend when we first met. He used his nose to roll his ball to my foot, so I threw it for him several times and he promptly returned with it. Then I brought out the big mean monster - the camera ....and Sparky ran behind the chair so he could hide. Every time I'd try to get a shot of him, he'd drop his head and look so sad. He walked around the edge of the wall behind some of the furniture to stay away from the monster.....He even turned away when his human mommy was holding him. I made this shot while he was behind a table. He wouldn't stay in the good light long enough for me to get a really good shot. Once I put the camera away, he was ready to play again. Poor pitiful puppy....

Day85: Rosie

This is my niece dog Rosie. She's spending the weekend while my brother and sister-in-law are out of town. She's loves Skipper's squeaky toys. They get a good workout when she's here. She also likes to wind up and lay in one of Skipper's beds. She has to go around in circles two or three times to get wound up small enough to fit.