Shhhh.....this is a secret for grandma! Childrens painted portrait

I was recently commisioned by a very proud grandpa to paint a portrait of his two grandsons. The painting is a gift to his wife for their anniversary. I was able to take a very low resolution cell phone image and turn it into this painting of two very handsome young men. My client says he bets his wife will cry when she sees it. As long as they are happy tears, that's ok! I'm sure sweet surprises like this are why they are celebrating over 20 years of marriage! It makes me so happy to be able to help with surprises like this, no matter what the occassion!

Day206: School supplies...part 2

My five year old granddaughter's kindergarten teacher must be planning on a lot of sticky projects. The supply list states four bottles of glue for each child. Of course I know how quickly you can run out of glue if you have a lot of paper pieces, macaroni, or sparkly things to glue onto a project! :) I liked the reflection of the glue bottle in the plastic on the notebook paper.

Day142: Red and yellow...

In case you haven't noticed, I realy like colorful things. Most most favorite color is purple, but not far behind are red and yellow. I bought some new yellow place mats this week. I thought it would be nice to get a shot of one of my red wine glasses with the placemat as the background. I have two of the glasses. They were a gift from a Secret Pal exchange I participated in several years ago and I rarely use them. They are red wine glasses made of red crystal. I know they are crystal because you can make them "sing" if you wet your finger and run it around the rim. This was my favorite of the shots I took. I like the contrast of the red on the yellow.


Day103: Rubber chicken....

The past three days I've attended the Tennessee PPA spring seminar. I got to meet some new people and get reaquainted with some I met in the past. There were great sessions presented by my new friend Karen Goforth, and a tandem session by  Jessica Vogel and Dave Huntsman. There were some other sessions, but these were the ones I enjoyed the most. There were many door prizes (I won a very nice picture frame!) and a couple of impromtu auctions of some donated items. One of the randomly auctioned items was this guy, a rubber chicken that sounded like a sick rooster. He went to the highest bidder for $45 dollars. The money went to the TNPPA scholarship fund. I can see how this guy would make kids laugh. He had everyone in the session laughing out loud!


Day60: The Fast Track

One of the photographers I follow on Twitter is Dane Sanders (@danesanders). Dane had a Fast Track Photographer session at Imagining USA in January that I was able to attend. The seminar was on my birthday. Dane sent a tweet to his followers saying he thought he was being given the rookie treatment because his session was scheduled at 7:00 a.m. I replied back to him that I was having to get up at 5:00 a.m. on my birthday to make his 7:00 a.m. session.  Well...Dane reads the replies to his tweets! As the seminar started, Dane asked where I was. He had me come to the front with him and then he had the whole group (about 600 people) sing Happy Birthday to me and gave me a copy of his Fast Track Photographer book! Needless to say that was a great way to start the day. I also had lots of people say Happy Birthday to me throughout the day - people I had never met but were in Dane's session!

This weekend I read Fast Track Photographer and it is quite an inspiration. Several other photographers have told me that this book changed their life and their career. I am in the process of working through the pDNA exercises. What I am learning from this book is going to be instrumental in my future! Dane's goal is to set you up to win! You can find out more about Dane at or Thanks Dane for all you do to inspire other photographers!

Day45: Happy Valentine's Day Birthday!

My youngest granddaughter is a Valentine baby. Today is her third birthday. Here's a couple of shots from her party. She and her sisters had a great time. She does like most three year olds if you tell her to smile - the fake cheesey smile! And if you're wondering about her "unique" hair style, she cut it herself couple of weeks ago. Both of these are SOOC. In the second photo she's watching a ball in one of the arcade games fall.

Day27: The sun came out....

The sun finally came out today. It has been so gloomy and dreay the last two weeks. It was so nice to see blue sky. It looks so nice through the limbs of the huge trees in my neighborhood. These trees have been around so long they have a character of their own. Truly majestic, even without leaves. Bad weather is on the way again, but the blue skies today were beautiful!

A Challenge for 2010 - Day 1

One of my goals for 2010 is to improve my photography skills. Just a few days ago a new friend, Kristen Steele of Kristen Steele Photography, posted a link on Twitter about a 365 day photography project. Kristen heard about the project when she listened to a podcast by Tasra Dawson. Tasra discussed how Scott Bourne encouraged her to improve her photography skills by 300% by taking at least one photo every day, reading a page of her camera manual every day, and viewing the works of other photographers every day for inspiration. More than 200 photographers have decided to participate with her. I’m already a day late in getting this first post done. I don’t plan on that being an indication of things to come, so I’ll be posting day two right after this one.  As I’ve often heard, the best camera is the one you have with you, so my photos may be from my Canon Rebel, my Canon point and shoot, or maybe even my Blackberry camera. Some of the shots may be carefully planned, others may be completely spontaneous. I’m curious to see just what will come out of this project. My prediction is improved photography skills and a glimpse of my life for everyone to see. Now on to my Day 1 photo…..

D1 - Pashminas from Afghanistan

A very special person in my life gave me two Pashminas for Christmas. Now I know you can get a nice shawl at any of the major department stores around town, but my special person must think I'm special too, because my Pashminas are from Afghanistan. I won't bore you with the details of how they ended up wrapped up in a box for me, but it was a LOT more trouble than running to the mall. My Day 1 photo is a close up showing the beautiful colors and patterns of both Pashminas. The one in the foreground is vibrant red, turquiose, silver, and gold, and the one in the background is beautiful browns, golds, and greens with a touch of burgandy. Since they are Pashmina wool and silk they are very soft and warm which has come in handy the last couple of days! (I'm wearing the red/turquiose one now!) You can read about Pashminas here

Specs: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, 28-135mm lens set at 85mm, f/5.6 @ 1/40 sec., ISO 400 Manual: p.45 Shooting close-ups Images: Ken Worley