Day97: Tiny bubbles

Tonight a friend treated me to dinner. Two hours of girl talk was quite fun! We had a very entertaining waiter too. I think he might have gotten in trouble once for lingering at our table a bit too long talking to us. He looked at me funny but never asked why I was taking photos of all the stuff on the table. My favorite ended up being a macro of the bubbles and ice in one of the drinks.

Day46: Snowflakes

It snowed again. I can't remember the last time we had snow this many times in one winter. It just doesn't do this down south! I'm ready for warm weather to come back. I did try some macros of the snowflakes. It was a dry snow, so I could actually see some of the shapes without anything to magnify out came the camera!

Day40: A hidden surprise

I was trying to take some macro shots of snow/sleet/rain mix we had today as it fell on my windshield. I thought I only had some splats of ice and rain. When I got looking closer, I realized one shot had some great reverse images of the tree in the parking lot. I've tried to do this before and didn't get near as good a shot in the reverse images. Guess I should just focus on the raindrops!

Day31: The sun sparkling on the snow

The sun was out today. I loved the way it sparkled on the snow. The snow looked like someone had spilled glitter all over it. The temp got above freezing, so some of the snow and ice started to melt, only to refreeze after it started getting dark. Two photos today - the sun on the snow (I think I've got the hang of sun flare) and a close up of the snow showing the refracted light in rainbow colors. I didn't realize until I zoomed in that the sun sparkles on the snow looked like stars too! Nice little surprise in the details.

Day30: More snow...

More photos from the snowy South! We got snow, then a sleet and snow mix last night, so it looks like snow but is crunchy when you walk on it. About 4 to 5 inches accumulation where I live. I couldn't pick just one photo again today....Here's one of the ice on my mailbox. Notice it's on the front from the blowing wind - put a layer of this on the road and you are in for an adventure! There is also snow on the top of the mailbox and ice about a third of the way down each side. The second is of a bunch of acorn hulls on the snow. I guess the squirrels remembered where they buried the emergency supplies. The third is icicles hanging of the corner of the house - you could put an eye out with one of these if it fell off!