Day246: Self portraits

I played with my new remote control and window light today trying to get a new profile photo of myself. Here's a couple of the shots that I'm ok with. Other than converting the first one to black and white, they are both straight out of the camera. I have a great window! ;) ....but I don't like doing photos of myself. I'd rather be behind the camera.

Day207: We interrupt this series on school supplies....

I was planning on a series of photos of school supplies this week, but the weather changed that for me this evening. We had scattered thunderstorms and a tornado warning. When the warning came on TV, the weather person also mentioned how much lightning there was with the storms. It wasn't raining at my house yet, but the thunder was rolling and there was a lot of lightning - most of it "soft, scattered" lightning in the clouds...reminded me of light from a softbox at times. :) The best view of the sky is from my driveway because of all the surrounding trees. There was lots of thunder and lightning, but only a little rain. I ended up taking 53 shots trying to get a good one of the lightning. Here's the two best ones. The camera was on the tripod, set at f16, ISO 200, bulb setting. I got a lot of shots of dark sky, but I'm pretty pleased with the two below.

Day192: Evening light

Oh the golden light of evening! When I took my granddaughters to feed the ducks, I noticed on the other side of the road there was a field of tall grass that was quickly turning to hay and was a beautiful golden shade. I decided to take them back to this spot as the sun was going down. It was so nice! I was able to show them what you can do with a reflector and how to bounce light into a person's eyes. My 5 year old granddaughter was holding the reflector when I took this photo of her 8 year old sister. Of course we reversed roles and the 8 year old held the reflector. She was doing pretty good at finding the sweet spot to bounce light on her sister's face. I even let them try by themselves - each got a turn holding the reflector and taking shots of me!

Day167: Light writing...sort of

I was noticing how many lightning bugs (as we refer to them in the south) were out tonight and decided to try a long exposure and see if I could get any of the "sparks". I didn't have much luck with that, but when I started back into the house I noticed a lightning bug laying on the step, belly side up and still glowing. The only thing I can figure is it flew into the sliding glass door. I started to take a macro shot of it, then I thought hmmm....wonder if I could "light write" with it. I didn't want to pick it up because I remember from my childhood how "icky" the green glowing stuff can be on your fingers, so I started trying to "write" with the camera leaving my "light" source stationary. This might not look like much, but it took me 34 shots to get this. It might be a simple initial, but it sure was hard to capture. If  squiggly lines had been what I was after, it would only have taken 2 or 3 shots, but I wanted at least my first initial. Attempts at my full name failed miserably. :)

Day122: Worst flooding in 30 years....

We've had very unusual weather in Tennessee today. Over 6 inches of rain has fallen in the Nashville area since this morning. There have been tornados to the west and south. We experienced the worst flooding in this area in the last 30 years.  The news reported several places where the interstate was flooded and completely closed. The rain has let up for the moment, but round two is on the way. Thankfully I didn't have to get out for anything today. My power went out for a while and I had to eat dinner by candlelight....which resulted in today's photo.  Of course the power came back on just as I finished. In a way it was nice. No noise except the birds singing when the rain let up for a bit. I'm glad to have my cable and DSL back though!

Day120: Theme Thursday....sort of

Theme Thursday this week was to try something new. It was late when I got home from work so I wasn't thinking much about some of the things on my photo "to try" list. After taking a few shots of my azalea that is now in full bloom, I had an idea. I've been wanting to try infrared, but since it was late and I was tired, the best I could do was find a Lightromm preset to simulate infrared. Here's two before and after examples of the preset that can be found here for free! The effect on the azalea is pretty neat but the tree branches look to me more like a true infrared photo since the sky is black and the leaves are white.




Day118: Spring morning

I took a few shots of my irises this morning before I left for work.  The first blooms are starting to fade but many more have opened up. I'm glad they last for a while! (Did I mention I love flowers?)

 I shot into the sun and love the way the bokeh turned out. Before I started this 365 project I could see something like this in my mind and HOPE the bokeh came out as I was seeing it - now I know how to do it intentionally!!! :)


Day89: Buds and bokeh

I roamed around my "wooded" back yard this evening to admire all the buds and blooms on the trees and plants. I really liked the way the sun was shining through these tiny leaves. The bokeh was an added bonus - to me it has a mystical feel. Maybe my dog will find a leprechaun or pot of gold under all the far all he's gotten is a dirty nose and paws! 

Day79: Blue skies and flowers

This is one of the same daffodils I shot two days ago for Day 77, except the sky is blue instead of cloudy and I shot from a different angle. I really like this one. To me is it so warm and bright! The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days. I'm SO ready for Spring to be here.  With all the negative space it looks ready to be an allergy medicine ad. :)

Day78: Theme Thursday - Lines

Theme Thursday this week is lines. I found several things with lines to shoot around the house. The photos I liked the best were of the lines made with the sun coming through my window. It has been so dreary and cloudy the last few days and I was so glad to see the sun! I liked the mood the setting sun cast in the shadows. The first photo is the sun shining through the blinds, complete with a nice little sun flare. The second is the pattern made on the wall from the sun shining through the blinds.

Day72: Raining again

I'm playing catch up on blog posts after having my granddaughters for the weekend. We had a great time! We've had another dreary, rainy spell the last few days. At least it's spring rain and not so cold! I shot this on the way to work. Too bad I didn't have it for last week's Theme Thursday for bokeh. I like the mood of the blurry lights and the raindrops.