Arts in the Aiport Spring 2017 Exhibit

I'm excited to announce that one of my paintings, "Gettin' Into It", was selected to hang in the Arts in the Airport Spring 2017 display at McGhee Tyson airport in Knoxville, TN. It will be on display from late April until mid October. If you're travels find you in the Knoxville airport, stop by and take a look at it!


"Gettin' Into It"

Day186: How to stop a train

I happened to see this train track as I crossed over  a bridge today and had to turn around so I could take a photo of it. Notice there is a stop sign and a gate across the track. That's what caught my eye. This track is on the way to the rail yard that you can see in the background. I know the procedure would be for the conductor to be in radio contact with someone in the rail yard as they go in and the train should be going slow enough to stop, but I find the stop sign and gate on the track a bit ironic. :)


Day141: Theme Thursday - Flight

Not something in flight, but something that was once in flight. This is a sun dial at a local park. It is made from the tail sections of two jets. I used to know what kind of jets, other than big ones, but I forgot. :) It's really a bit strange to look at because you can't tell it's a sun dial from the main road that passes behind it. I guess it's "modern art"'s definitely different. As you can tell from the clouds we were about to have another storm. I just made it back to the car before the rain started.

Day67: Old Churches

These are two old churches in Cartersville that have special meaning to my family. The first one is the Etowah Valley Baptist Church. My grandfather was one of the founders of this church in 1941. He served as a pastor here for many years and was a member until his death. He, my grandmother, one of my uncles, and one of my cousins are buried in the small cemetary behind the church. The second is Mt. View Church of God. This church is "up the mountain" from Etoway Valley Baptist Church. My mom and dad met at this church around 1952. My mom was about 14 at the time and my dad was 16. They married in 1954 when my mom wa 16 and dad was 18. They will be married 56 years in July.



Day66: 4 Way Lunch

Here is another diner that has been in Cartersville since my dad was a boy, 4 Way Lunch. It is at a busy intersection of a four way stop. It was difficult to get a shot because of all the traffic. I had to focus between cars passing and then wait for a space between cars big enough to snap the photo. I got several with the backs and fronts of cars before I got a space big enough to get just the diner. If you think the photo looks a little bit crooked, look again. Compare the yellow line in the road to the bottom of the photo - pretty strait. The diner really looks like it is not level.

 4 Way Lunch

Day65: Euharlee Covered Bridge

This is the covered bridge in Euharlee, GA. It was built in 1886 and is 138 feet long. It is constructed in the lattice design with boards at 45 and 60 degree angles fastened with wooden pegs at each intersection. There are spaces in the floor of the bridge where the water reflects the sunlight into the inside. When my dad was a boy, this was the only bridge across Euharlee creek. The road was a dirt road then. The bridge is now part of a small park maintained by the Georgia historical society.

Day56: Numbers...

Theme Thursday is numbers. I'm curious to see what the other 365er's come up with. One thing involving numbers for me lately is looking at the price of a trip to Italy. I've wanted to go to Italy for a long time. Next year I have a "milestone" birthday, so I'm thinking a trip to Italy might be a nice present for myself. I've started looking at what it would cost - so I can start saving up!