Shhhh.....this is a secret for grandma! Childrens painted portrait

I was recently commisioned by a very proud grandpa to paint a portrait of his two grandsons. The painting is a gift to his wife for their anniversary. I was able to take a very low resolution cell phone image and turn it into this painting of two very handsome young men. My client says he bets his wife will cry when she sees it. As long as they are happy tears, that's ok! I'm sure sweet surprises like this are why they are celebrating over 20 years of marriage! It makes me so happy to be able to help with surprises like this, no matter what the occassion!

Not-a-Workshop, Nashville - Knoxville Portrait photography

This past Saturday I was honored to be able to hang out with and learn from some other great photographers at the "Not-a-Workshop" hosted by

Joshua Gull

. Josh's idea was to get a bunch of photographers of all skill levels together and demonstrate techniques and how-to's. We had a great morning shooting and spent the afternoon talking workflows and business. Other speakers included

Rich Lavigne

, wedding and portrait photographer from New Jersey,

Annabelle Dando

, wedding photographer from the Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington, D.C. area, and Nashville's own wedding photographer 

Kristen Steele

. We all had a great time, learned a lot, AND got to witness

Andy Stacy

propose to

Kayle Erin Brooks

. :) Here are a few of the photos of Andy and Kayla I took. 


Day67: Old Churches

These are two old churches in Cartersville that have special meaning to my family. The first one is the Etowah Valley Baptist Church. My grandfather was one of the founders of this church in 1941. He served as a pastor here for many years and was a member until his death. He, my grandmother, one of my uncles, and one of my cousins are buried in the small cemetary behind the church. The second is Mt. View Church of God. This church is "up the mountain" from Etoway Valley Baptist Church. My mom and dad met at this church around 1952. My mom was about 14 at the time and my dad was 16. They married in 1954 when my mom wa 16 and dad was 18. They will be married 56 years in July.