D5: Getting ready for snow

I shot this with my Canon PowerShot a590 through the windshield of my car as I was going home for lunch. Nashville is getting ready for a major snowfall. We're under a winter storm watch starting tomorrow night. Forecast is calling for two to four inches of snow. Now for some of you I know two to four inches of snow is trival, but for us "down south" this is major. I've seen five inches of snow paralyze the city - it took me 4.5 hours to make my 13 mile commute home the last time we had a storm like this. We don't have the equipment to keep it off the roads and no one knows how to drive in it. Add that to snow melting on the road, then refreezing into ice and it makes any travel quite exciting. Exciting enough to stay home!......Now everyone run out and buy milk and bread just in case we're snowed in until the weekend. Some of you may laugh, but that's what we do in the south! :)