Day25: Time in a bottle

Today was a better day, still gloomy in many ways. I did have a fun evening attending a seminar by Mike Larson hosted by our local PUG group. He had some great advice for photographers. If you get a chance, go see him. The weather here is still dreary. Forecast is looking bad for the end of the week, but ice - if we get it - might make for some interesting photos and a work from home day! I didn't get to make a lot of photos today since I was at the seminar. This one is of a "micro encapsulated age-defying" potion....a.k.a. a macro shot of the mosturizer I use on my face. I like the way the light hits the little pearls of the "secret formula". Wonder what's in them....hmmm....probably more of the same stuff that's in the bottle. :)