Day29: Snow in the south

The south is experiencing a major winter storm. It started as snow early this morning, then turned to a sleet and snow mix just before dark. It's supposed to continue through tomorrow. This is the type of weather that paralyzes the south. We end up with ice on the roads - and no one can drive on the ice! Thankfully, I don't have to go out all weekend. It should warm up by Monday so the roads will clear just in time to go back to work. 

Of course I got outside and took a lot of photos. It might be another five years before I get a chance to photograph snow again - and then again I may have another chance tomorrow! Here's a few of my favorites. The first is my backyard bird feeder full of snow. The second is a shot of some  small branches in the snow taken almost at ground level. The third is from my front porch with flash - I was trying to capture the sleet/snow mix as it was falling. Without the flash it was hard to see. With the mix falling now I wonder if I'll have ice shots to take tomorrow. I hope not - I have too many big trees really close to the house!