Day69: Sugar Lump's puppy portraits

This is Sugar Lump. She's was recently rescued from a shelter and her new "mommy" thought some portraits were in order.  I think it's funny that puppies and dogs can be so much like children. Of course we treat them as if they are children so it's no wonder they are spoiled to the bone. :) 

Since Sugar Lump is only 12 weeks old, she was easily distracted. I love the shot of her looking over her shoulder at the ducks. She tried so hard to be still for me (yes, treats were involved) but the ducks were more than she could resist. We were afraid she would jump in the water so we had to move to a less dangerous grassy area. I was glad I got some actions shots, especially some with her pouncing and running. Isn't it cute how her ears are flopping in the air?  We're planning on another puppy portrait session when Sugar Lump gets a little older.