Day76: Stand up and be counted!

My 2010 Census form arrived in the mail. Many think this is a waste of time and money, but it's very important that we all be counted just as our forefathers outlined in the Constitution. The census is the means by which the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives is determined and how many electors each state has in the Electoral College.

This will be the 23nd United States census.

  • 1790 was the year the first census was taken. The U.S. population was just under 4 million.
  • 1840 lists the U.S. population as just over 17 million.
  • 1850  was the first year in which the census bureau attempted to record every member of every household, including women, children and slaves. Prior to 1850 only the heads of household were listed by name. Other family members were tabulated by age groups. 
  • 1890 marked the first census with results tabulated by a machine. This reduced the tabulation time from 7 years for the 1880 census to 2.5 years for the 1890 census.
  • 1920 was the first census to record the U.S. population at more than 100 million people.
  • 2000 lists the U.S. population at over 281 million.

Do I think the letter I got last week to say "your census form is on the way" was a waste of money and postage? Yes I do. Do I wish there was a way to complete the form online? Of course - maybe the 2020 census will be electronic! Am I going to complete my form and mail it back? YES, I am!! This will be the fifth census form I have completed. My parents, with their supervision, let me fill out the form for the 1970 census. :)