Day77: More signs of Spring

A few isolated daffodils are blooming around the building where I work. They are in the middle of a grassy patch that was not landscaped during the fall. I don't know if they were left there purposely or if no one new they were there. They provided a little punch of color to an otherwise dreary day with gray skies.

The other bloom caught my eye just as I got to the door of the building. It is a bush that has small white flowers on it in the Spring. These are the only blooms on the entire bush at the moment. It looks like a bunch of dead sticks trying to come back to life. I wonder how many people noticed it as they were coming and going today. I would estimate 500 or more people go in and out this door in the morning, at lunch, and when leaving the office in the evening. I hope there were some others that were not too busy or in a hurry to notice this little promise of warm weather to come.