Day96: I can see clearly now

Today I had my annual appointment with the eye doctor. My distance vision has changed some so I'm trying a different combination of contacts than before - distance only in one eye and bifocal in the other....wait a minute! Aren't bifocals for old people?? I'm not old! Just kidding - I've been wearing bifocal contacts for a couple of years now - but I'm still not old! The machines they use to check your vision have always amazed me with all the dial and numbers. While trying new combinations of contacts, the contact lens technician, Molly, had me walking around the office with this white thing over one eye. It was like two pairs of glasses on a stick. I had to walk around with different ones over my right eye to determine which strenght I could see out of best. I asked if I got a discount for walking around the office looking goofy...or should that be goofier than usual? :)