Day126: Bob the squirrel

Bob is the name I gave to the neighborhood squirrel that has no tail (Bob the bobbed tail squirrel). I first saw him last spring sitting in my front yard and thought he was a rabbit. Then he moved and I did a double take. He confirmed he was a squirrel when he ran up a tree. I've seen him many times since then playing with the other squirrels.  One day I watched Bob scurry up a tree and onto the neighbor's roof. Then...he went into the attic through a hole in the side of the house. After that I saw other squirrels go into the attic, so I started calling it the squirrel hotel. The house has been vacant for around two years, so the squirrels were probably living it up.

About a month ago the owner was at the house with contractors doing some repairs and getting the house ready to sell. I told him about the squirrel hotel and the hole was patched. Two days later the squirrels had chewed through the repair and were going back and forth as usual. When I got home from work today the owner was next door. I wanted to make sure he knew the squirrels were back. He was aware and had an exterminator come out and set traps. He said the exterminator sent him a photo of the squirrel they caught because it didn't have a tail. They caught Bob. He has been taken away. I don't know if he was released somewhere else or if he went to the big oak tree in the sky, but he's gone.

I tried to get photos of him many times, but usually I was too far away or he was too fast. I did manage to get this one after work one day last week, so I thought it would be appropriate to post it as my daily photo even though it wasn't taken today. Will I miss Bob? Not really, after my experience that I documented on Day 41, I wish he could have taken some of his friends with him!