Day156: "The Tree" is coming down...

  I'm showing it who's boss. The big old oak tree that dropped the limb and put a hole in my roof is coming down! I had several people give me quotes on trimming it up or taking it down completely. Johnny Downs of Downs Tree Service pointed out several places that indicated the tree most likely is rotting on the inside and possibly hollow. He and his crew were here early and worked all day but still didn't get all the limbs off of it. They're coming back tomorrow to finish it up.

Some of the limbs they took down today are bigger than a lot of the other trees in my yard. Some of the limbs were rotting and one sent a flurry of carpenter ants when it was cut. I googled carpenter ants and found they like to build nests in rotting trees. I'm curious to see what the truck looks like on the inside when they get closer to the ground with the cutting. With the way the limbs look, I think I made a good decision to have it taken down, especially since it's only about six feet from the house.

Here are two photos, one as they were getting started this morning, the other is what it looked like at the end of the day. Tomorrow's photo should be of "where the tree used to be". I put a red box around the worker in the tree because he sort of blends in with the leaves. Gives you an idea of just how big this monster is.

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