Day162: A carnival comes to town

There was a carnival in town today. It was one of the small  ones, set up in the parking lot at one of the local schools. I remember way back when I was a girl that it seemed these little carnivals would appear out of no where and just as quickly be gone. If we were lucky enough to know it was around, we might get to go ride a few rides and get some cotton candy before it went "poof" and was gone. I went tonight with taking photos on the agenda. Another local photographer, Chris Scott had posted on FaceBook today that this carnival was in town. One of his and wife Adrienne's wedding couples are the owners.

I didn't ride any rides. I did ponder the caramel apples, as they are my favorite "fair food", but decided to pass on that as well. I'm just glad I didn't have my granddaughters with me. I would have out of money in not time at all!  :)

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