International Print Competition

Last week was the annual International Print Competition (IPC) hosted by Professional Photographers of America (PPA). The name is a bit misleading as the only person you compete with is yourself. The goal is to achieve "merit" status with your submissions. Each merit gets you a point towards PPA's Master Photographer degree or Master Artist degree. It takes a total of thirteen image merits plus twelve continuing education merits for each degree. Only four images can be submitted in each category every year, so it can take several years to earn the degrees.

This year I entered eight images, four in the photographic open category and four in the master artist category. Out of those eight, two in the photographic open received a merit and three in the master artist category received a merit. One of my master artist images, titled "The Art of Geometry" was selected for the loan collection, which is considered the "best of the best", and received an additional merit. I am now only one merit away from my Master Photographer degree and halfway to my Master Artist degree.

Below are my merit images for this year. If there's any way I can help you to preserve your memories or create a unique Art for Your Heart ™ piece for your home, please let me know!