Pet Portraits

Dogs only want to please their humans. Cats are here to take over the world. Just ask any dog or cat owner and they will agree!

Pets are our fur babies....short, furry, and perpetually two years old. But the joy they bring us is priceless. We treat them like they are people and they don't know any better. They are loyal, trusting, and always happy to see us, whether we've been gone for days or just went to the mailbox.

Simply having them around and knowing that someone loves us unconditionally helps us handle the bad days with a smile and makes the good days even better.

We make up voices for them, play games with them, let them sit on the couch with us, and sometimes even let them sleep in our beds.

Do you have portraits of your pet? They are part of the family after all. Make sure to include your pet in your portrait session, or have a portrait session just for your pet so their personality can be captured forever. You'll be glad you did!