Have you ever wished you had fewer photos of someone? I doubt it! How many photos do you have of your grandparents or your parents when they were children? If your house were on fire and you could only grab one material thing, what would it be? Most people would grab their photos. Why? Because they are not just pictures, they are memories. Memories of how you, your family, and your friends were at different stages of life. Memories of times past. Memories of people that have passed. Memories of places you have been and good times you have had.

When I look at an image, I am magically transported back to that place and time and I smile because the image also tells a story. The stories of first words, first steps, first dates, first jobs, first homes, vacations, holidays and regular days that were made special because of a memory.

When is the best time to have a portrait made? NOW!! We never know what changes life has in store for us. The special moments are gone in a flash and before we know it years have passed and everyone has changed. Capture who you are today so you and those that follow you can look back at the memories and smile!